Music for the moment vol 7

flashing back to high-school/early university playlist, also am about to finish American Psycho (the novel) and had to throw that Miles Fisher video in there too.

Happy Wednesday everybody!

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I am warrior, hear me roar!

Last week my family came to visit and we went to Whistler. My dad brother and I did the Warrior Dash, a crazy 3 mile obstacle course on Blackcomb. We had a lot of fun during the event, and my dad and brother ended up taking home trophies for placing top 3 in their age categories (60-64, and 14-19 respectively). So happy that they came out for the event. Next year my momma is pumped to do it with us and hopefully my brother Em and come too. I can’t wait to do it again.

The first mile of the course was basically a jog uphill and turned my lungs upside down, the obstacles weren’t too hard or dangerous, but added a lot of fun to the course. My dad carried a waterproof camera through the course and went much slower than he needed to in order to take pictures of me running the event (what a sweetheart!)

I did the race dressed up as black swan, wearing a black dress with a tulle bottom… for the first mile I regretted my wardrobe choice itchy, sweaty, hot not my favorite things – also we were in a midday heat so the sun was blasting us, and I was severely under-hydrated and didn’t eat enough pre-race. I hit a groove though around mile 2 and had a great time doing the race with my family!

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Back on the saddle

Been getting back into running and biking. Did a little home repair and ended up having to replace the front tire on my bike (or at least replaced the rim & tube – tire is looking OK for now).  I’ve been trying to ease into running in my vibrams, and have done a few short runs in them.

Coming back from the bike accident hasn’t been the easiest thing… going even a teensy bit fast or riding over a series of bumps makes me nervous. I’m trying to get over it though since it’s just a mental block. I’m physically almost back to where I was pre-bike accident, though obviously taking it easy on biking has slowed down recovery. I’m planning on doing a 1/2 marathon in October, and am actually following a training schedule for it! I’ll update later with the schedule, as well as putting up pictures from a recent trip to Whistler!

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Breakfast of champions

sometimes a picture says it all:

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Music for the Moment vol 6

And then this one isn’t music but it is pretty friggin hilarious

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Under Da Sea!

I just wanted to post some of the beautiful pictures I have from our underwater SCUBA adventures in Cancun last December!

It makes me feel a little better about the fact that it is pouring rain here and cold and super unpleasant… where is my summer? It’s July!

I really want to get fully certified so I can dive all over the world. If only I had the funds to support such expensive hobbies!

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Musicforthemoment: Special vol – Breaking up is hard to do

Recently parted ways with the BF, coming through it but as is normal with most (all?) breakups, still feeling bummed out over the ways things played out. Thank goodness for close friends and positive people, keeping me busy and from getting too lonely. The next couple of songs are perfect blend of sad and angry to complement any breakup – not to mention they are all beautiful in their own right, so they should be listened to during happy times too!

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