Back on the saddle

Been getting back into running and biking. Did a little home repair and ended up having to replace the front tire on my bike (or at least replaced the rim & tube – tire is looking OK for now).  I’ve been trying to ease into running in my vibrams, and have done a few short runs in them.

Coming back from the bike accident hasn’t been the easiest thing… going even a teensy bit fast or riding over a series of bumps makes me nervous. I’m trying to get over it though since it’s just a mental block. I’m physically almost back to where I was pre-bike accident, though obviously taking it easy on biking has slowed down recovery. I’m planning on doing a 1/2 marathon in October, and am actually following a training schedule for it! I’ll update later with the schedule, as well as putting up pictures from a recent trip to Whistler!


About Helen

I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. I love teaching and learning alongside my students. When I'm not in the classroom I'm exploring Philadelphia. I also like knitting, baking, crafting, reading, running, cooking, and brewing beer. I have a one-eyed dog, and Ms. Frizzle is my hero.
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One Response to Back on the saddle

  1. pearl says:

    go go helen!

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