My Competitive Side

What am I competitive about? Everything. No, seriously. There are a lot of different reasons why I turned out as competitive as I am, school, parents, siblings, personality, and who knows which was the biggest influence. Im most sensitive about it when it comes to playing board games and sports. I say sensitive because I can get a little ugly. I tend to get really frustrated with myself more than anyone else though, my own bodys limitations sometime bring me to tears. It is a little ridiculous really. Its also probably why I am drawn to individual sports (running, swimming, tennis, yoga). The thought of relying on a team or a team relying on me often stresses me out to the point of something no longer being fun for me. Ive made a resolution though to become more active and Im going to try and do Ultimate Frisbee this summer… Ill let you know how that goes.

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About Helen

I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. I love teaching and learning alongside my students. When I'm not in the classroom I'm exploring Philadelphia. I also like knitting, baking, crafting, reading, running, cooking, and brewing beer. I have a one-eyed dog, and Ms. Frizzle is my hero.
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