Waffle-ize it!

I started using my waffle iron to press sandwiches… BEST DECISION EVER! I used it for grilled cheese the other day… and the cheese oozed out of some pores in the bread, and it was revolutionary!

Also I bought a bike yesterday! Found him used at a shop for a steal, and I sweat a ton riding him home – there was a longgg stretch of hill climbing. Alas, it poured rain all day today so I wasn’t able to ride him around campus… hopefully I find a solution to riding him in the rain!

(As a side note, my butt still hurts today… I’ve been told that this wears off with time… it better!)


About Helen

I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. I love teaching and learning alongside my students. When I'm not in the classroom I'm exploring Philadelphia. I also like knitting, baking, crafting, reading, running, cooking, and brewing beer. I have a one-eyed dog, and Ms. Frizzle is my hero.
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