Slimy Breakfast

I am pretty terrible at doing dishes. I just really don’t like washing up after I cook up a storm. So, this morning I woke to a sink full of dirty dishes 😦

Knowing fruit flies are in full swing, I decided to tackle the problem, while waiting for my breakfast to… slime up?

That’s right, Chia seeds for breakfast, topped off with a little almond milk, looks pretty unimposing

But after doing some dirty dishes and waiting some 10-15 minutes, a slimy gooey mess is revealed!

YUM! Going to work off that breakfast treat by going for a 4 mile run before work, wish me luck!


About Helen

I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. I love teaching and learning alongside my students. When I'm not in the classroom I'm exploring Philadelphia. I also like knitting, baking, crafting, reading, running, cooking, and brewing beer. I have a one-eyed dog, and Ms. Frizzle is my hero.
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