entering beast mode?

I’m on the cusp of a new chapter in life. Set with the task of writing up my thesis by the end of summer I’m pretty rusty at this whole writing thing. It requires flexing muscles in my brain that I haven’t used in… years? (and yes I know your brain isn’t composed of muscles but you know what I’m saying)

I’m going to try and read/write a little each day to make the task seem a little less daunting. Recently I’ve gotten wayyy too into cross stitching (another form of my craft-habit) and I’ve got to self-impose the rule, no crafting unless you write first… It’s going to be hard to follow through with though (I found a zombie cross stitch pattern set which is pretty hilarious and fun to work on)

In the spirit of this post over at Nerd Fitness, I’m going to start small. I’m going to try and writing something here every week. In the vein of my thesis I’m hoping to either read a paper or write a paragraph each day. Hopefully writing here will help get those writing muscles back in shape! Lots going on in my life, just have to carve out the time & work up the self-discipline to write it down!


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30 days of change: 1. move everyday

Life’s been chugging forward lately busybusybusy as per usual, but I’m looking to spice things up and keep energy levels high! I’ve decided to take on challenges for myself. Every month take on one new habit that will hopefully lead to a better brighter me. I’ve already started the “move everyday” challenge yesterday (Yes I know the 28th is a random start date but everybody’s gotta start somewhere!)
Yesterday I went swimming with my galpal Jo. She’s been a great motivator in getting my butt poolside on the regular. Hopefully I’ll be doing it (nearly) daily and supplementing it with jogs, snowboarding and perhaps some P90X?

Speaking of snowboarding I bought a season pass to Whistler this year and am absolutely loving heading up there with my friends every weekend and hitting the slopes.  I’ve already gone twice this season and intend to go much more before the winter is up.

I’m also going to try and start a Hal Higdon half marathon training program with hopes of doing the BMO half marathon this spring. We’ll see how it all works out, for now I just want to keep moving. Headed to the pool this afternoon for a swim and got plans to go for a jog tomorrow (rain or shine). I’ll try and be a bit better at updating with life-happenings, but I’m more for living in the moment than living online.

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MFTM v11

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MFTM v10


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Get crafty

I’ve been swamped recently (in a good way). I’ve been working hard & playing harder. Between lab & playing with friends I haven’t had a whole lot of down time recently, but I’ve been making it a priority to get creative on a near-daily basis.

I picked up a sewing machine which I’ve had way too much fun playing with, and I’ve started attempting to make my first quilt! I’m following a pattern from purlbee for a zig-zag quilt. I picked up a few fabrics & have been diligently measuring & making triangles.

I’m pretty excited to see how it all turns out. I might pick up a few solids to throw into the mix & end up making a few yellowish/blue themed zig-zag quilts.

In super happy semi-related news, a good friend & coworker of mine has announced that she’s 13 (by now 14) weeks preggers! I’m super excited for her & her partner, they’re going to be the bestest parents on the block! I’m hoping to be able to crank out a pretty legit quilt by the time the baby comes along, also there will undoubtedly be a bunch of knit baby-things in the mix too –  so stay tuned for that.

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music for the moment v8

jamming through the week, hope you’re having a happy humpday!

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